In order to choose the best country for the proper registration of your company, it is essential to compare jurisdictions of countries according to the most important criteria of your business.

Based on the practical experience and considering the specificity of the local tax legislation, the following main characteristics shall be taken into account:

  • Type of company
  • The level of corporation tax
  • Payment of annual fee
  • Minimum required number of directors/shareholders
  • Requirement for appointment of local director
  • Requirement for a registered office/agent
  • Availability of information about the members or shareholders to the public
  • Political and economic situation:
    • Confidence and corporate security
    • Political and economical stability
  • Important corporate characteristics:
    • Limited liability
    • Low capital requirements
    • The possibility of appointment of nominee shareholders
    • Non-disclosure of information about the beneficial owners to publicly accessible sources
    • Necessity of conducting of audit and preparation of financial statements.
  • Legal requirements and current companies laws
  • Agreements on avoidance of double taxation (for list of double tax treaties please press here)
  • Infrastructure in terms of provision of legal and accounting services:
    • Clerical support
    • Means of communication
    • Banking
    • Languages spoken.

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